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USPS Change of Address

Got Several Great Coupons With My Change Of Address With The USPS

I had to change my address so I could get mail delivered to my new address. I went to the post office but they didn’t have any of the usps change of address forwarding forms there. They said they had just ran out. The postal worker told me I could easily do the change of address online and told me the website address.

usps change of address

Filled Form on USPS Website

When I got home later that day, I looked up the USPS website. I was able to fill out a simple address change form and get my address changed. It was pretty simple to change my address using their website and I got a confirmation email that it had been changed.

Found Coupon For Several Stores

I was checking my mail a few days later at my new address when I noticed an envelope from the USPS. It was a pretty big envelope and I was curious to see what it was. I was shocked to open it and find a variety of coupons for several different stores and things in the area. There were some pretty valuable coupons that I wanted to save and use for later on and I knew there were a couple other coupons I could give to a friend of mine that would use them.

Simple Procedure

I was shocked at the simplicity of changing my address online and also the nice coupons from the USPS for changing my address. These coupons saved me lots of money on things I would have bought anyways. I am glad they gave me this unexpected surprise and I was able to use them. My friend that I gave the other coupons to used hers too and said they saved her lots of money on a large purchase she had been wanting to make at that store anyways.

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