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How To Get A Direct Express Card Replacement?

A Direct Express card is an easy way to get and spend your federal benefits. They get automatically deposited to your prepaid debit card and you don’t have to worry about a check getting lost in the mail and you can also get your benefits quickly. If you accidentally lose your card, it is easy to get a new one.

Use Direct Express Card

You can use your Direct Express card anywhere that takes credit cards and you can also get cash back with it. The card is convenient and it is easy to sign up for. As long as you have Social Security income you can easily sign up for the card by going online, calling, or visiting your Social Security office.

Once you get your card, you can start using it right away and all your benefits will be loaded directly to your card. It is much easier getting your benefits this way when you don’t have to worry about the check getting lost in the mail and you don’t need to wait for the check to come either. Having your benefits instantly available makes your life a lot easier.

What to Do If You Lost Your Card?

If you lose your card, you will want to report it as being lost right away. It is easy to protect your funds if you call as soon as you lose it or it is stolen. Just contact customer service and they will cancel your old card and send you a new one. It doesn’t cost any money to have your card replaced and your funds will be protected when you make a timely call.

The Direct Express card is a great way to manage your Social Security benefits without having to deal with the hassle of a paper check. You will receive your benefits fast with Direct Express.

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