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USPS Change of Address

Temporary Change Of Address Service: A Helpful Guide

Are you moving? Is your move temporary? Believe it or not, a temporary move is something that occurs quite often. Many people move temporarily for a variety of reasons and when they do, they find there are various things that they need to do to ensure their move is a smooth transition. One of the very important things that you should do is complete a temporary change of address. Continue reading to learn more about how you can do this so you receive the mail that you need at your new address.

First of all

you will need to decide where you want to file the change of address. You can do this either online or at any United States Postal Service. If you choose to do a change of address online, you can visit the official website for the USPS. By doing so, you can find the change of address form. You will need to complete it, noting that the change of address is only temporary. By visiting the post office, you will need to request a form that you will need to fill out and return.


you will need to share your information with the USPS. They will need your name, your old address, new address, and the amount of time you will be there. You will also need to include who else will be moving with you. Then, you will need to sign the form and drop it off at the USPS or submit it online. Read some Tips On How To Change My Address With The DMV .

As you can see, changing your address, whether it is temporary or permanent is something that you will need to do through the USPS. Use the tips that have been shared here to help you properly change your address and get your mail at your new address. Visit this site .

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