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The Steps To Take To Update Your Social Security Card

There are times when you have to update your social security card, but most people do not know what to do to update their social security card. There are a number of steps that you should take to update your social security card. It is important to know what application form you need to complete, how to complete it and the additional documentation that you need to present.

The Application Form

The application form that you need to complete is the SS-5 application for a social security card form. This is needed whether you are applying for a new card or updating your current one. You can download and print the form from the Social Security website or pick one up from the Social Security offices. The form is a single page with 18 sections that you need to complete.

The first piece of information that you need to provide on the form is the full name that you want to how on your new social security card. If you have a different legal name currently, you will need to provide this as well. You will also need to provide your social security number.

Update Your Social Security Card

You will need to enter where you were born and your full date of birth. You will also need to check the appropriate box to indicate if you are a US citizen, a legal alien who is not allowed to work or if you are a legal alien who is allowed to work. If you do not fall into these categories, you will have to provide additional documentation that proves that you should be provided with this card.

The race and ethnicity section of the form is voluntary and you do not have to complete them. You will need to provide your gender as well as the names and social security numbers of your birth parents. If you do not know this information you can check the unknown box.

You will need to state that you have had a social security card before when asked. You will then have to provide the name and date of birth on the card you have already been given. The section after this will be the date on which you complete the form.

You will also need to provide a phone number that Social Security will be able to contact you on during the day. You will also need to provide a mailing address where your updated card will be sent. You then need to sign the form and it will be complete.

The Documents To Include With The Form

Once you have completed the SS-5 form, you will need to gather the documentation that supports the form. The documents that you need to include should prove your identity, age and citizenship. If you are updating your name on the social security card, you will also need to have documentation that proves the legal name change.

The documents that you should consider including are a birth certificate, a passport, an unexpired driver’s license, a state ID card, a military ID card or some other ID card. If you are not a citizen of the US, you will need to provide evidence of your immigration status. You should also provide a marriage certificate, a divorce decree or a court order for a legal name change.

Update Your Social Security Card

Social Security will need to have the original and a certified copy of the documents. The certified copy will need to be certified by the organization that provided the document because Social Security will not accept notarized copies. You will have to submit at least 2 documents to Social Security to support your application.

Submitting The Form

Once you have the form completed and the supporting document, you will need to submit the application. To do this, you can mail the application and the documents to the social security office. You can also take the documents to your closest social security office if you are not comfortable with sending the original documents in the mail. When you take the documents to the social security office, you may be provided with a temporary social security card which can make updating your name with other organizations such as the DMV and your bank.

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