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USPS Change of Address

Tips On How To Change My Address With The DMV

Changing your address might have been a difficult thing to do in the past. Nowadays, you are going to be able to change your address fairly easily. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways that you can change your address with the DMV. Ways To Change Your Address:


Believe it or not, but now you can change your address online. You will be able to do so by visiting the state’s website. This is the fastest and easiest way is to change or forward your address with DMV because all you have to do is submit a web form. The online form itself provides the necessary instructions to complete the change of address. However, it is not necessarily available in every state. Therefore, you need to make sure that your state allows it.

In Person

Another way that you can change your address that is much less convenient is by doing it in person at your local DMV. All you would need to do is complete and submit your state’s change of address form and you can turn it into your local office. You will be able to download it from the website, print it out, and fill it out at home or do it while in person. The good thing about submitting the form in person is the ability to receive an updated registration certificate prior to leaving.


You will need to be located in a state that offers this as an option in order to successfully change your address by phone. Simply dial the provided number and you will be prompted to enter your new address.


Another way that you can change your address is through certified mail. Simply send the filled out form to the address listed on the online address change service form to do so successfully.

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