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What Do You Do If You Lost Your Social Security Card And Have No Birth Certificate?

If you lose your social security card and need it for something, then that really stinks. Don’t feel alone though. It happens to many people, and I have been there. However, when you don’t have your birth certificate, that is a bad day. It will get better, but you are going to have to get yourself a new birth certificate. Do you need one in order to get a social security card, or can you provide other documentation?

SS Card Replacement

That would certainly be nice to know because you need to get situated as quickly as possible. If you don’t need your birth certificate, then you can do both at the same time. If not, then remember to just take it easy and one step at a time. Sometimes things like this happen. Soon, you will have your birth certificate in hand, and with your license, too, you will be able to get that social security card.

You know what? You most likely won’t ever have to go through this again. Whether you lost your birth certificate and social security card on accident, or something happened out of your control, it is just a matter of time before they are back on your person. Don’t keep them on your person though. Find a great place to store those important documents.

When you do have to use them again, just make sure that you take good care of them. They can get rather flimsy and worn throughout the years, and that could mean you have to replace them again. You don’t want that to happen. Both of mine are rather flimsy at the moment, so you know what that means. It is time for me to take action, too. I better get a move on because I was in the same position last time I wrote an article about this same topic. Let’s get busy!

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