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USPS Change of Address

Why Do You Get Charged When Submitting A Change Of Address Online With The USPS?

When changing your address, you might have heard that you can take care of the process online. It is a legitimate process handled with the USPS. It saves you from going to the post office and manually filling out the form on paper. Yet you also might have heard that the post office actually charges you to handle the process online. Now why would they do that?

How To Handle USPS Process Online?

That’s a good question, but first, let’s address how much you are charged. You are only charged $1. Leave it to the government to complicate a process all for $1. Yet while the $1 does make them money off of something routine, it’s really not about the money. It’s about the verification process. You see, you are handling something important digitally vs traditionally, and you have to consider the fact that you’re going to need to verify your identity.

So why can’t the USPS just verify your identity by asking you credit report questions or using your DL number, or both? Well, they have chosen this method, and payment information is indeed often used to verify identity online. Yet people aren’t always charged. Have you ever been asked to verify your identity with payment information, but you weren’t charged? It is common, and that leads you to believe that while the USPS does this for identity verification purposes, the fact that they charge you means they are definitely trying to make a little money.

Change of Address Cost

The $1 charge could be called a convenience fee of sorts. You don’t have to worry so much about the $1, but it is something that makes people wonder. It makes some people want to stick with the traditional way of changing addresses with the post office. You can certainly still handle things that way. Maybe it’s just going to take time for the post office to catch up a little.

You probably won’t have to change your address for quite some time after this anyway, so the process might have changed then. So you have the choice now of either submitting your change of address request in person or through the mail for free, or you can decide to handle it online. If you’re comfortable with the identify verification process online and paying the $1, then you might as well consider it a convenience fee and get it done. You can even handle temporary changes of address that way, too.

Request With USPS

Changing your address has been made easier, and you have more options for submitting the request with the USPS. Yet they do put a damper on the situation with charging you to make the process easier. It’s almost like they don’t want you to do it that way. You would think they would charge for the paper version of changing your address if they are going to charge at all. Yet they are in the business of delivering paper mail, so maybe that’s why they do it. Who knows, but it’s all good, and you are going to submit your change of address request. Click here at www.change-of-address-online.com for more information.

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